5th January – Winter Bird Count

 Co-ordinator Richard Norris

Our first meeting of the New Year will be the annual Bird Count. The idea of the count is to find as many different species as possible in our Recording Area between 8am and 4.30pm.
You can start at any time and anywhere in the valley after 8am but you must finish by 4.30pm. The finishing point will be in Weston Longville Village Hall and the Hall will be open from 4.00pm. Refreshments (including some pretty special cakes) will be available.
This is a team event – teams can consist of up to 4 members ideally with a cross section of bird watching experience.

A reminder of the rules again
You can start anywhere within the WVBS area after 8.00am
All species counted must be seen or heard
In teams of two all must see or hear each species counted
In teams of three, 2 must see or hear each species counted
In teams of four, 3 must see or hear each species counted
Feral pigeons are accepted but not hybrid waterfowl.
Birds within the grounds of Pensthorpe Nature Reserve will not be accepted.

There is a checklist (two sheets) with the Newsletter for each team .Pleas print off and tick off the species seen but it would be most useful if participants could add the location for our record purposes. Please hand in your completed sheets after the counts have been verified or where possible, e-mail results to our Recorder, David Gibbons wvbs.recorder@gmail.com
If you are unfamiliar with the WVBS Recording Area a copy of the map can be found in the WVBS Annual Reports.
This is intended first and foremost to be a fun event so please come along and enjoy yourselves.
An attendance sheet will be available at the Xmas Social or contact Richard Norris (Event Leader) wvbs.membership@gmail.com.  In order that we can arrange catering please let us know if you are intending to take part by 24th December at the latest.
If you want to join in but are not part of a team or indeed, if your team has room for extra members please contact Richard in order that we can accommodate as many members as possible

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