Thursday 21st July – A Summer Social Evening

Quiz N Supper at The Swan Inn Ringland             

Organisers Mary & Keith Walker

We are delighted to confirm that the above evening, which is open to members and their partners will definitely proceed as we have had a very positive response.

The quiz will be held at the Swan Inn at Ringland who have agreed to provide a private room including bar and toilets free of charge provided we all pre order a main course. This means that only those who have pre ordered a meal will be able to attend.

The cost of the quiz and main course is £10.95 per person,  as an option a sweet can be bought for a supplement  of £4.95. Desserts will be served during the interval at c 8.30.

A reminder that the main course will be served between 6.45 and 7.00p.m, and we would suggest that participants arrive at c6.30p.m if they wish to buy drinks from the bar. We will collect further order forms for meals at the June Indoor Meeting and will bring plenty of spare forms in case you forget.

Closing date for applications is 7th July 2016 and  payment is non refundable after that date.

The quiz itself is very light hearted and  not aimed at the specialist birder. Questions and answers will sound bird related, albeit the question masters spelling and diction are not always spot on.

Teams should ideally consist of four  but possibly five people, to allow flexibility so that any odd numbers are accommodated. There are still further spaces available if you wish to enter a team with friends. We also have teams who need one or two further members to join them to make up a full complement.

We would like to raise some funds for the club by holding a quality raffle. A donation of prizes from members would be very welcome and if possible should be handed to the organisers at the June Indoor Meeting.

If you are unable to get to the June Indoor Meetings and would like to take part then please e-mail us on

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