Thursday 21st April – AGM + Uganda, the pearl of Africa

speaker –  Allan Hale

After the important business of the Annual General Meeting our Returning Officer puts a different hat on  to give us a talk on his travels in Uganda.

It’s a talk about the birds and animals of Uganda (the pearl of Africa as Winston Churchill called it). It starts off at Entebbe Botanical Gardens and then to the Mabamba Bay Wetlands (a Ramsar site) in the hope of glimpsing a Shoebill. Then it’s north to the Murchison Falls and back down south alongside the borders with the Congo and Rwanda taking in the Queen Elizabeth national park on the way. There will be plenty of birds and animals including most of the 11 species of Kingfisher, 10 species of Bee Eaters and 19 species of Sunbirds that were seen. There is also a shot of the Giant Forest Hog, reputedly the ugliest animal on the planet!

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