Thursday 20th April – AGM followed by The Gibraltar Flyway

speaker Jake Gearty

Following the  important business of our Annual AGM you will have an opportunity to listen about birding from a young persons perspective. Jake Gearty our speaker is a young birder currently residing in Norfolk  He has been living here for the past three years mainly due to studying at UEA. He says he came to East Anglia for the education and birding had no impact on his decision :-)!  He originally grew up in the sunny seaside town of Brighton where he was shown the wonders of birds by his Grandad, who taught him everything he knows. He showed Jake among others, his first Nightingale, Turtle Dove, Cuckoo and Hawfinch. It is safe to say by about age 10, Jake was thoroughly hooked!

He has spent the last few years birding all over the country and all over the world seeing new species of bird and meeting new people. Places he has visited in recent years include; Bulgaria, Florida, Ghana, Borneo & the one we are all interested in, Spain. He has visited Spain twice now each time taking in the wonders of the Gibraltar straights. Witnessing the breath-taking spectacles of watching 1000’s of raptors fly     overhead, some  in very close proximity.

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