Thursday 18th August – Trindad & Tobago 

 speaker David Pelling

David and Daphne’s trip trip took place in May this year, flying from  Gatwick to Port of Spain.  The weather, however, was variable.. They  spent 7 nights at The Asa Wright Nature Centre located in the Northern Range on Trinidad, which boasts an impressive list of 460 birds,55 reptiles,106 mammals, 25 amphibians and 617 butterflies (wow!). Then moving  on to Tobago where they  stayed 5 nights at The Blue Waters Hotel which is situated on the coast of a beautiful bay at Speyside at the north east end of the island, however the bird life was not so prolific as that of Trinidad. The  return flight from Tobago was via Antigua picking up some ‘airport ticks’. and talking of ticks, David was horrendously bitten by ‘Chiggers’ (or Pepper tics as the Americans call them).

We look forward to hearing all the details of  the trip with the usual anecdotes and great photos.


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