Indoor Meeting: Thursday 17th October. Norfolk Bat Survey and the sound identification of nocturnal wildlife. Speaker Stuart Newson.

Stuart Newson is a Senior Research Ecologist in the BTO’s Population Modelling and Ecology team, where he is mainly involved in survey design and analyses of data from large ‘Citizen Science’ surveys. Whilst the core of his work has been on birds, he has a personal interest in bats and acoustic monitoring, and in particular how technology can deliver new opportunities for conservation. Stuart set up the Norfolk Bat Survey in 2013, a novel citizen science approach for enabling unprecedented large-scale bat recording using static acoustic detectors. He is known for his innovative, cross-sector research, and was the winner of the Marsh Award for Innovative Ornithology in 2018. Stuart has led on the development of novel citizen science programmes involving thousands of volunteers to monitor bat populations acoustically, has collaborated extensively with national conservation NGOs and governments, and is a member of Natural England’s Bat Expert Panel, set up to shape the future of bat conservation in the UK.

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