Indoor meeting: The Great Fen – a future wetland and more. Speaker Henry Stainier. Thursday 16th August 2018

For our August meeting we welcome Henry Stanier from The Great Fen Monitoring & Research Office. Henry will tell us about The Great Fen, a 50 year project to create a huge wetland area, one of the largest restoration projects of its type in Europe.

The Great Fen vision is to create an enveloping landscape of 3,700 hectares around the existing NNR’s. By buying and restoring farmland they will be joined together and greatly enlarged, recreating a range of wetland features with unprecedented conservation for wildlife.

Sinced the beginning of restoration, birds have been monitored in great detail and reports on all 181 species known to have occurred in the Great Fen area can be found in the Great Fen Bird Report 2005-2013,

Come along and hear what Henry has to say about The Great Fen, a future wetland and more.

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