Indoor Meeting: Islander – A Journey Around Our Archipelago Speaker Patrick Barkham Thursday 17th May 2017

Patrick Barkham has travelled to some of the smallest and most intriguing British isles to meet their human and non-human residents. In this illustrated talk, he will journey from sizeable small islands to ever tinier islets in search of the special quality of island life. Do small islands have big lessons for us on the mainland?

Critics have called Islander (2017) ‘charming and attractive’ (The Spectator), ‘a complete delight’ (Scotland on Sunday) and ‘vibrant and full of fascinating detail’ (The Sunday Times). The Financial Times said: ‘It’s rare to read a book as good-spirited as this, where the narrative voice is so eager, inquisitive but non-judgemental, the worldview so benevolent and open-hearted… Brimming with nature, literature and the eccentric life of the islanders Barkham meets, this is a fitting tribute to the strangeness and beauty of our British isles.’
Patrick Barkham is an award-winning author and Natural History Writer for The Guardian.
He is also a local boy – growing up in Reepham and roaming the countryside around here. He has fond memories of cycling to Lenwade to work in the plastic bag factory in the summer holidays during his student days! Since then, he has worked for The Guardian and The Times, reporting on everything from the Iraq War to climate change.
His first book, The Butterfly Isles, was shortlisted for the Royal Society of Literature Ondaatje prize. His second, Badgerlands, was hailed by Chris Packham as “a must read for all Britain’s naturalists” and his third, Coastlines, was judged ‘an informative, enthusiastic and at times rapturous celebration of our shores’ by Blake Morrison.
His latest book, Islander (2017), has been shortlisted for Countryfile Book of the Year 2018 and the Edward Stanford Travel Book of the Year 2018.
Patrick lives on the edge of the Broads in Norfolk with his family. His favourite island is Scolt Head Island; his favourite butterfly is the Brown Argus.

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