19th September – Are Gardens good for Birds or Birdwatchers?

Speaker :  Mike Toms

Mike, who is Head of Garden Ecology, has been with the BTO since 1994 and has been running Garden BirdWatch since 2001. He has a growing reputation for his work on citizen science projects and urban ecology, and he is a strong advocate for the role of ‘amateurs’ in the collection of biological information. Mike is a keen naturalist, with an interest extending across a number of taxonomic groups (from birds and mammals through to beetles and butterflies), a licenced bird ringer and BTO Nest Recorder. Author of a number of books, he is also a regular contributor to BBC Wildlife Magazine and the Eastern Daily Press.
His own town-centre garden attracts familiar species, with the occasional unexpected visitor (such as Reed Warbler, Redwing and Marsh Tit). He’d describe himself as a patch birder, though as his blog shows, he is interested in watching all kinds of wildlife. This talk will be of great interest to all of us especially those who record garden species.

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