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WVBS field trips and reports

Outdoor Meeting: Potter Heigham Marshes NNR. Saturday 25th August 2018,

Meet at Potter Heigham Church for a 9.00am start to the walk. Grid Ref. TG419 199. Parking is very limited, so please car share where possible. Walking is easy, along tarmac road or track. Hoping for returning waders and the

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Field Trip North Norfolk Coast – 28 Oct 2012

 WVBS Field Trip,  North Norfolk Coast, Sunday 28th October    reporter Sue Gale

It certainly felt like the coldest day of the Autumn, and we started with a sea watch! But it was worth it, if

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Field Trip to Berney Marshes 25th September 2011

By Jacky Pett

 09.15 on Sunday Morning.  Norwich Railway Station.  A party of lesser green birdwatchers hover in the entrance.  Among them the sharper-eyed can spot the rare blue birdwatcher and a couple of other sports.  They huddle together like a herd of cats and change their minds two or three times before rising like a chorus of larks to head in the direction of the Wherry Line to join the 09.36 train.  The driver sees them coming and runs to hide, but they join the train which sets off, passing Strumpshaw and Buckenham Fens where an obliging marsh harrier is seen by some, a pair of hobbies and a grey heron by others, and a flock of goldfinches by still more, along with plenty of corvids.  The driver of the train draws up at the Berney Arms halt and deposits 90% of his passengers on the platform.  They almost fit on it, although some quickly sneak off on the trail to the river avoiding our intrepid heroes who pause to be photographed with the station sign and the rear of the departing train. Continue reading

Field trip: Havergate Island RSPB, Sunday 14th August

by David Knight

It was an early start to get the 7am coach from Weston Longville. The sun was already up and a fine day was in prospect. After a brief pickup at Thickthorn we arrived in Orford Quay about 8.30.  Liz Bridge had already split us into two groups and advised those going out first on the 9 o’clock sailing.  Those of us on the 10 o’clock boat had plenty of time to explore and sit about on the quay taking in the
lovely scenery and picking up a few birds for the list.  We heard the chew chew chew call of a Greenshank but didn’t see it.  Hopefully we would see one on the island.  Continue reading

Field trip: Blakeney Point – 24 July 2011

Field Trip to Blakeney Point.  Sunday 24th July, 2011  report by Mary Walker

Another new venue for some of the 17 WVBS members gathered on Morston Quayside. Disguised by thick woolly hats, scarves and gloves, but recognisable by the scopes on our backs and bins round our necks, we all wondered if we could “cock a leg” high enough to board the Beans Seal Trip craft awaiting us.  A sharp north easterly wind ensured those at the front of the boat had a regular soaking, but that was a minor discomfort to be rewarded with such close views of the 500-600, mainly Common but also Grey Seals at low water.  Continue reading

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