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South Korean Wetlands

Saemangeum, the once glorious estuary on the west coast of South Korea, is dying. Open the sea-gates now. Click Here To Restore Saemangeum!

In April, 2006, dumper trucks poured their final loads of rubble and rock into the last

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Spotted Flycatcher returns

May 13th 2007, A pair of Spotted Flycatcher returned to Swannington this morning. Presumably this is the same pair that succesfully bred last year, fledging 4 young, and with luck will breed again this year.

Spotted Flycatcher

Tern Raft sited near Sparham Pools.

Tern Raft Project

The Committee has received a letter from a member seeking clarification around the setting up, access to and management of the Tern Raft sited near Sparham Pools.

This is our response to the questions asked:

1 History

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Egyptian Vulture

An Egyptian Vulture has almost certainly been in the Wensum Valley in recent days, originally discovered by Chris Bishop 5 miles East of Watton on Saturday 28th April near to Woodrising it flew low NNE towards Dereham at 6.45 am

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Waxwings at Attlebridge

Up to 20 Waxwings have been present at Attlebridge since at least the 17th of March, the owner of a nearby house advised that they may have been present for as long as 2 weeks beforehand.

18 birds are still

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