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Field Trip: Winter bird count – 9 January 2011

Field Trip – Sunday 9th January 2011: Winter bird count   Richard Norris

Our annual bird count took place on 9th January 2011 and nearly thirty members formed teams to scour the valley in search of as many birds

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Common Terns at Sparham Lakes

For newer members of WVBS it is worth mentioning the background to the raft.

In 2005 Jordan Cereals, owners of Pensthorpe, celebrated their 150 years of trading and sponsored several wetland conservation projects across the country.  Jordans approached WVBS and asked for proposals which they would consider funding.  The end result is the Tern Raft at Sparham Lakes close to Sparham Pools NWT nature reserve where Common Terns had nested for many years on a small island cleared specifically for the purpose. Common Tern like to nest on bare clean shingle and one of the reasons for their varied success was encroachment of weeds. Our chairman Alwyn Jackson was warden of Sparham Pools NWT until very recently and this helped make objective comparisons of the various successes of the two sites. Continue reading

What to do with Birds in Distress – emergency number

Throughout the year, and especially during the breeding season, birds can get into difficulties and we often receive calls from throughout the Wensum Valley seeking advice.

If you come across a bird in difficulties, the advice we give is to

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Tern Raft Afloat Again at Last

Common tern

As many of you will not have seen the raft close up it is worth describing the construction. It made solely of glass fibre. The area for the terns to nest on is 12ft long by 8ft wide with 1ft

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South Korean Wetlands

Saemangeum, the once glorious estuary on the west coast of South Korea, is dying. Open the sea-gates now. Click Here To Restore Saemangeum!

In April, 2006, dumper trucks poured their final loads of rubble and rock into the last

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