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Pond Life By Stew Betts

I’m not an expert. This isn’t a “how to” guide. Just a small celebration of the joys that a modest
garden pond can bring.
There are plenty of sources telling us about the benefits to wildlife that a garden pond

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Towards a Green and Pleasant Land? By Charles Sayer

Subsidies being paid to farmers are undergoing a complete change. The old payment system
is gradually being phased and will end in 2024. Land will no longer be eligible for a payment
just because it is in agriculture: the new

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The WVBS Birdwatching Trip That Never Happened. By Andrew Brown

Having been ‘let go’ as a company director, after one takeover too many at the age of 45, I
weighed up my future prospects and decided I was in a financial position where I could just
about get by with

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That Vulture….. By James Lowen

Bearded Tit is a spanking little reedbed passerine. Bearded Tit is also the name of comedian
Rory McGrath’s autobiography – self-deprecating humour to indicate that he’s a birder and a
bit of an arse. Today above all, I know how

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Bearded Tits at NWT Hickling Reserve. By Hilary Gostling



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