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The Re-opening of Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve By Seamus O’Dowd

Sculthorpe Moor Nature reserve is re-opening on Monday 15 June. There are issues at hand, these
are on the website and are listed below:-
The reserve is open seven days per week, 8 am – 4 pm. Last entry is

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How long do birds live? – Ray Gribble

When the ringing scheme was set up just over 100 years ago it had 2 basic objectives; to answer the questions where do birds go? and how long do they live? Although today, ringing answers many more questions of conservation

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Sparrowhawks – Friend or Foe – Allan Hale

From time to time I hear people bemoaning the fact that a Sparrowhawk has killed a songbird in their garden. Or perhaps that Sparrowhawks are a prime suspect in the search to find the cause of the decline of our

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Installation and Monitoring of Bird Boxes

By Keith Walker

A Project Taskforce was recently formed to respond to the demand from members identified in recent questionnaires. The team will look at various aspects, including the ongoing maintenance of Tern Rafts and any special projects that WVBS

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News from Hawk & Owl Trust, Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve

by Alwyn Jackson

The first phase of the Sculthorpe Moor Project was completed with the legal completion and acquisition of 150 acres of land surrounding the current Sculthorpe Reserve. Having expanded the reserve to over 200 acres work on the

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