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Proposed Development on the River Wesum : Reporter Ray Gribble

Proposal to handle 150,000 tonnes of Household Waste C/5/2017/5007

There is a proposal to convert 150,000 tonnes of household waste and 5,000 tonnes of hazardous waste into Refuse Derived Fuel at the old SPC Atlas Works, Lenwade
From an environmental

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Turtle Dove Monitoring : Reporter David Knight

After the talk at WVBS by Jonny Rankin on Thursday 18th May2017 entitled Dove Step – a Journey for Turtle Doves I realised the plight of our once common summer visitor was far worse than I feared. I decided to

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Bird Indicators. : Reporter Alwyn Jackson

The latest updates of the UK and England bird indicators based on population trends of wild birds, were published on 23 November 2017. These indicators are part of the government’s suite of biodiversity indicators and show how the fortunes of

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Hawk and Owl Trust: Peregrine Trailer Appeal

I am the urban peregrine project officer for the Hawk and Owl Trust. As a local NGO in close proximity to your bird group I was wondering if we could request some support.
We are currently bidding to win funding

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Let’s Hear It for the Solitary Bees

By Charles Sayer

Redwings should have arrived by the time you read this. I love to hear them calling as they fly over on still, early autumn, nights. But I also wonder what they might be saying to one another.

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