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An appeal for help with BTO Surveys.

We have just received this appeal for help with BTO Surveys from member Chris Hudson (BTO Regional Representative NE Norfolk). BREEDING BIRD SURVEY (BBS).

I am seeking volunteers to cover Squares for this Survey which starts in April.

TG 0818,

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Team Swallowtail and the Champions of the Flyway Vulture Appeal

The following email was sent to one of our committee by Mike Dawson of Swallowtail Printers: This company has an association with our club as it prints our annual report, and we also felt that this was promoting an excellent

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Farmland Bird Surveys 2019

Ray Gribble has been forwarded this Email by Chrissie Kelley at Pensthorpe Nature Park: One of Chrissie’s colleagues, Eliza Emmett, has been tasked with conducting farmland bird surveys in the Wensum Valley area, and she would be grateful if some

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Tawny Owl Calling Survey

Can you help with this BTO survey? All you will need to do is stand out in your garden or a green space once a weekand listen for calling Tawny Owls just for 20 minutes. You are asked to do

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The Return of the Corn Crake to the Wensum Valley

Article by Wensum Monitors

Corncrakes were at one time widespread across the UK with the population declining steadily in the nineteenth and twentieth century to its position now.
The species is becoming increasingly vulnerable in the UK as a breeding

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