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Siskins visiting Gardens by Alwyn Jackson

The number of Siskins that visit gardens each year depends on a couple of factors. Firstly, BTO Garden Bird Watch data have shown that more Siskins visit gardens in years when the Sitka Spruce crop is poor. Secondly, research has

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Britain needs more holes – National Nestbox week

Here at the home of National Nestbox Week we’re spreading the word that Britain’s birds need lots more safe, secure places to call home and raise the next generation. So what’s the story – and why do we all need

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Pinks: Reporter David Knight

There can be no greater sight and sound during the winter months in Norfolk than those of Pink-footed Geese. I look forward to seeing and hearing them every year. The crescendo of ‘wink-wink’ calls can be heard long before their

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Hawk & Owl Trust: Norwich Peregrines 2019

By Alwyn Jackson
In the recent copy of H&OT’s Peregrine magazine (Autumn/Winter 2019) Zoe Smith, Peregrine Officer, reported that 2019 was another great season for the Norwich Peregrines. A clutch of four eggs was completed in March about nine days

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Could we thank the shooting fraternity for the increase in the number of Common Buzzards

By Alwyn Jackson
I could never comprehend why, when so much energy and effort is put into ridding our countryside of alien species, a relatively small minority of people are allowed to flood our fields and woodlands with many millions

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