Waxwings at Attlebridge

Up to 20 Waxwings have been present at Attlebridge since at least the 17th of March, the owner of a nearby house advised that they may have been present for as long as 2 weeks beforehand.

18 birds are still present this morning, March 24th, till 8.15am at least on Station Road, Attlebridge, opposite numbers 3 and 4 where they are feeding on the remaining berries in bushes next to the road. The birds also spend a lot of time in the 3 tall trees at the back of the paddock which might also be the roost.

The best time to see them, in my experience, is between 7 and 8.30 am, I have visited the site on 5 mornings during this time and seen the birds on every occassion.

Waxwings at Attlebridge, Norfolk

20 Waxwings are still present 26th March 2007

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