South Korean Wetlands

Saemangeum, the once glorious estuary on the west coast of South Korea, is dying. Open the sea-gates now. Click Here To Restore Saemangeum!

In April, 2006, dumper trucks poured their final loads of rubble and rock into the last remaining gap in a 33-km long dyke, and closed off 40,000 hectares of this vast estuary from the sea. With almost no tide, the shellfish beds – that had until that day supported the world’s largest concentration of Great Knot – started to die. By April 2007, most of Saemangeum’s tidal-flats had either been flooded, or turned into desert – huge expanses of drying mud, littered with dead shells, plastic, and even fishing boats – all part of a massive “reclamation” project, with still no clear end-use.


As South Korean lawmakers debate Saemangeum’s future, we need to send them a clear message, 40,000 times, one email for every hectare of wetland being destroyed

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