Project Owl Boxes

Good news to report on this front. We initially ordered a first tranche of bird box kits in March, and had hoped to enrol a team of members to make and install boxes, Sadly, this coincided with lockdown and our order was aborted.
Our members Stephanie and Paul Plaster have come to our rescue, Stephanie has worked in the wood trade for many years, and she has been able to source quality plywood, and she and Paul are now busily constructing boxes for us. The first phase to build Tawny boxes, for those who have ordered them, should be completed any day and these will be collected by Ray & Nick who will install them where appropriate, and delivery of kits should follow shortly. The boxes look great and better than those on sale on the internet.
The first Tawny Box has been delivered off the production line and installed in Laura King’s property and here is a picture of our band of merry installers on the job.





It is expected that the remaining boxes ordered for Barn Owls, Kestrels and Little Owls will follow over
the next few weeks.
We would still like to expand the number of boxes in parts of the Wensum valley and are also looking
at an option to constructing wooden boxes, and boxes made from Polypipe Rigidrain Twinwall plastic
pipes with the latter being successfully used by our friends at NarVOS.
I am grateful to those members who volunteered to help in building and installing of boxes, and we
will be in touch soon to discuss your involvement. I am particularly keen to hear from anyone who is
comfortable in working with Twinwall, which I understand can easily be cut with a hand saw. We will
be looking to split 6 metre lengths into one metre sections and adding wooden ends and perches
inside. Example photos are below.




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