Our friends from the Kintyre peninsula need our help. It will only take you a couple of minutes to object online:


Some of you may remember me asking you to object to the Largie windfarm application in Kintyre, Scotland earlier in the year. The proposal is to build seven 110M high turbines between the GWFG feeding grounds and their roosting lochs. The area is one of the most heavily protected in Scotland:SPA, Ramsar, SSSI, EEC directive.

After 2 area planning committee meetings, at which the Planning Officers, SNH and RSPB told the councillors that they must not approve the application, (Argyll’s windfarm watchdog) has it on good authority that the councillors are planning to approve the application (Vestas manufacture wind turbines in the area and the developers have promised large payments to the

SNH have forecast 100 collissions each year and that many more could be killed in a catastrophic event during bad visibility.

Please, please help stop these crazy councillors, who can only see things in terms of money, by objecting online at: _www.stoplargiewindfarm.com_ ( It should only take you a couple of minutes.

One councillor even suggested, after hearing from SNH that Iceland was banning the shooting of Whitefronts because of their falling numbers, that it would therefore be alright if the turbines killed some of the geese.

Iain Logan
Director AWF

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