Feeding Birds in Winter

Just before Christmas I read in the local newspaper that the RSPB had advise people NOT to feed soft fat to birds .This included turkey fat and fat from the roasting tin,which most people would have believed to be very beneficial especially in the extremely cold weather we had been experiencing.

This item made me think that perhaps I should reconsider what scraps I should leave out. I was therefore compelled to ‘phone the BTO Garden Birdwatch team who strongly advised against feeding with soft fats because these can stick to their beaks and then be transferred to the feathers when preening. This causes the feathers to lose their protection against wet and cold.

They also advised against bacon rind or ham fat due to the salt content. The safest fats are those specifically prepared for the purpose by wild bird food companies.

Brenda Palmer

Editors Note Good advice. See http://www.rspb.org.uk for more information

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