Annual Report 2017- progress and breeding season records

2017 Annual Report
The team are making great progress in pulling the 2017 Annual Report together and now is your opportunity to submit any articles you may wish to have included. It would be good to receive articles from the members and not just the committee.
Also photos of birds taken in the WVBS recording area would be welcome so that if we have enough we can incorporate a centre spread. Please give species, site and date with each photo.
All submissions to

Breeding Season Records
The breeding season is now well under way. While compiling the systematic list for the 2017 WVBS Annual Report I noticed that there were few reports of proof of breeding (POB) for even the common species. If members could record POB it adds value to our records which are forwarded to both Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS) and the Norfolk Bird Report. NBIS are particularly important as their records are used for environmental impact statements for planning purposes and therefore help highlight concerns to planning authorities.
Please add value to your records by recording POB. The categories that prove breeding are:
Nest with eggs or young Used nest or eggshells from this year Recently fledged young or downy young Adults carrying food for young or faecal sacs. Adults entering or leaving nest-site indicating occupied nest Distraction display or injury feigning

David Gibbons will be very pleased to receive this information.

Some of you have taken a BTO introduction pack to Nest Recording at the March indoor meeting and I hope you have fun recording the nests you find. It would be good to know what nests you record and perhaps we will be able to incorporate an article in the newsletter or 2018 annual report on our achievements. If any one else requires a nest recording pack or any advice please let me know.

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