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Honey Buzzard Survey in 2020 From an email sent by Dawn Balmer BTO

I’m writing to let you know about a national Honey Buzzard Survey that is planned for 2020 and 2021.
This survey is being coordinated by Rob Clements, Steve Roberts and Ken Shaw who have been
working on this species for

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The Hawk & Owl Trust, Sculthorpe Moor Reserve By Keith Walker

At the invitation of member Seamus O’Dowd I was treated to a guided tour with Nigel Middleton the
Reserve Manager & Seamus, around the rapidly changing Reserve.
This came about following last year’s WVBS Membership Questionnaire, where members listed the

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Butterfly Musings by David Laurie & Cath Robinson

Butterfly transects
By Cath Robinson

I’m sure many members may well already walk a transect, but I thought it might be of interest to share
my experience. Clearly there is an increased interest in moths in the society since lockdown:

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Lockdown at Haveringland by Steve Chapman

A diary of my time spent almost entirely at my home in Haveringland Hall Park. No visitors, and
venturing out only to go to the supermarket every week or fortnight. Each day I would do a
circuit of the park

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The Story of a Hole in a Tree By Andrew Brown

When we see a hole made in a tree we look at it and decide or imagine what kind of woodpecker was
responsible and give the matter little further thought. In fact, in my mind it is an interesting ornithological

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