Thursday 15th September – The Lost Pearl of the Balkans 

speaker Julia Burton

Julia has given us several talks over the years and really needs no introduction but for those who don’t know her she is a keen photographer, specialising in wildlife subjects. Having retired from a career in the

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Thursday 18th August – Trindad & Tobago 

 speaker David Pelling

David and Daphne’s trip trip took place in May this year, flying from  Gatwick to Port of Spain.  The weather, however, was variable.. They  spent 7 nights at The Asa Wright Nature Centre

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A Red Kite Saga

 from Allan Hale

It was before 7am on Tuesday 26th April and I was fast asleep when the telephone rang. It RED KITE 1359 smallwas Ashley Banwell wanting some urgent help at Nar Valley Fisheries. Ashley explained that he had found

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The story of a Wing Tagged Marsh Harrier

Winged Tagged Marsh Harrier “AP” – What a Journey     from Alwyn Jackson

Members might be interested in the following article about marsh harriers tagged by Phil Littler. It appears in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of “Peregrine”

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Some Lapwing Facts

Some facts about the Lapwing    from Alwyn Jackson

On the move

Lapwings from the western part of continental Europe make migratory movements in early winter, with birds moving west and south to reach areas with a mild,

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