Our friends from the Kintyre peninsula need our help. It will only take you a couple of minutes to object online:


Some of you may remember me asking you to object to the Largie windfarm

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Save a piece of ancient Britain

Today, you can help to preserve a pristine area of ancient Britain – Sutton Fen.

Sutton Fen is one of Norfolk’s best-kept secrets. It lies in the heart of the Norfolk Broads holiday area and yet, probably fewer than 50

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Wild bird trade ban ‘should stay’

From the BBC news site

The RSPB fears the ban on imports of wild birds may be lifted

A temporary ban on importing wild birds into the UK to prevent the spread of bird flu should remain in place, conservationists

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Swans deliver a climate change warning

By Cahal Milmo The Independent

Published: 28 October 2006

For decades, the arrival of the first V-shaped flights of Bewick’s swans in Britain’s wetlands after a 2,000-mile journey from Siberia heralded the arrival of winter.

This year, a dramatic decline

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Questions about birds

Questions I’m asked about birds by Alwyn Jackson

Whilst walking in the Derbyshire Dales recently I was asked whether Dippers migrate.

The British races Cinclus cinclus hibernicus; C. c. gularis are sedentary which means they do not move far at

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