Farming and Wildlife notes from Sparham Hall Farm. July and August 2020. By Charles Sayer

Everything this summer has been weather dominated. The farm looks like Southern Spain
without the Hoopoes. Harvest is reckoned by some to be the worst for 30 years. Given the
advances in plant breeding and agro-chemistry, I would go further

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Creeping Thistle. By David Laurie

Walking round my local patch I’ve come across a lot of Creeping Thistle (Cirsium arvense) – hardly
surprising since according to my copy of A Flora of Norfolk (1999 version) it was the most frequently
recorded plant in the county.

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The Swallowtails of How Hill. By Emily Leonard

This is not Valley news but I hope you find it interesting.
As most of you know, I have the pleasure of working on The Broads, and have seen
an array of wildlife sightings over the last year. I’ve seen

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Project Owl Boxes

Good news to report on this front. We initially ordered a first tranche of bird box kits in March, and had hoped to enrol a team of members to make and install boxes, Sadly, this coincided with lockdown and our

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Ruddy Shelducks. By Steve Connor

During last year’s Birdfair at Rutland Water in mid-August, to which WVBS had organised a coach
outing, there was a fair bit of interest paid to a Ruddy Shelduck which was present there, with a lot of
photos of it

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