Where’s That Quail? By Stewart Betts

On the sunny morning of July 6th this year I was sitting in my Thorpe Marriott garden having
breakfast and reading the EDP, when the faint song of a Quail entered my consciousness.
During the ensuing 20 minutes or so

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Swift Revelations – Citizen science from an armchair. By David Gittens

Some of you may have followed my story of the pair of common swifts that eventually raised
two young in our nest box during the 2020 breeding season. Well, I was curious to know just
how many feeds the adults

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Glis glis: The Edible Dormouse. By Cath Robinson

In 2017 I had an opportunity to help with a monitoring survey of Glis glis, the Edible
Dormouse, and I thought that members might be interested in this foreign invader.
At the Pompeii exhibition in London in 2013 I remember

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A Fair Isle Catastrophe. By Paul Jeffrey

Dr Willian Eagle Clarke was the first ornithologist to recognise Fair Isle as a great migration
watch point in 1905. He encouraged islanders to record birds too, and in the first 10 years Fair
Isle had added 35 new species

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Three Remarkable Finds. By Andrew Brown

Over the years since I moved to Norwich in 1976 I have been involved in three situations
when I found two rare butterflies and an orchid, and had the responsibility of sharing my finds
with other interested people.
The summer

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