Wensum Valley Grey Wagtail Project

I’ve decided to start a bit of a project on Grey Wagtails in our recording area. It is often noted in our annual report that the valley is a ‘stronghold’ for them and I thought it would be good to quantify this statement. If you have any;  records of breeding locations, observations, proof of breeding, potential breeding evidence and winter records then please can you send them to me at joe.harkness@live.co.uk

I think it would be really good for us to do things like this as we could then feed in some really meaningful data to the Norfolk bird and mammal report and maybe feature it on our website. I intend to produce a series of breeding maps and depending on the data I can gather, I will backdate this to either 2000 or 2010. Any help and information would be greatly appreciated, so please email me if you want to get involved.

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