Vote for Bob.- An Appeal from Alwyn Jackson

Right in front of our eyes
• house sparrow populations have declined by 64% since 1977 (State of the UK’S Birds 2013)
• 60% of the plants and animals surveyed in the UK are in decline (State of Nature Report)
• hedgehog numbers have halved in the past 25 years (JNCC)
• 97% of our flower-rich meadows have vanished and our bumblebees, butterflies and other vital insects are disappearing with them (Plantlife)
• Scientists predict by 2020 there will be fewer than 1000 pairs of turtle doves (State of the Nation’s Birds 2013)

It’s time to make a stand. Our children and grandchildren deserve to know what it’s like to run through a wildflower meadow and hear a skylark’s song.
Nature brings us all so many benefits that we just can’t afford to lose.
It’s time we gave nature a voice – we’ve seen too much disappear.
We need to ask every party leader what they intend to do to look after our wildlife, countryside and wild places.

Join me by supporting the RSPB’S Vote for Bob Campaign. By voting and showing your support for the campaign you are telling politicians that nature matters to you. The more votes the RSPB gets the louder their voice will be and the more politicians we can reach with the message.
You can also email your local MP directly and ask them to make a commitment to raise nature up the political agenda by backing the campaign.
It is important that as many people as possible show their support. More votes means we can reach more politicians with our message – so let’s start spreading the word.
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Vote now – I have.

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