Turtle Dove Monitoring : Reporter David Knight

After the talk at WVBS by Jonny Rankin on Thursday 18th May2017 entitled Dove Step – a Journey for Turtle Doves I realised the plight of our once common summer visitor was far worse than I feared. I decided to put an appeal in our local parish magazine for any local sightings and was pleasantly surprised by the response and received reports from seven people. I contacted Chrissie Kelley, Head of Species Management at Pensthorpe Conservation Trust and sent her my sightings. She has received a total of twenty eight reports from the local area and if you log on to wensummonitoring.org.uk you can find all the details of her work. Once on the Home Page, click Find out more and the Survey site opens. Scroll down and click on the map and then on each square for details of each sighting.

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