The Snettisham Appeal

The Snettisham Appeal

This is a message from Rupert Masefield, Communications Officer with the RSPB Eastern England Regional Office:-

Birders! Have you heard what’s happening at Snettisham this month?

Did you know about the exciting new crowdfunding initiative by the RSPB in Eastern England in aid of building an amazing new hide at Snettisham nature reserve in Norfolk? To find out more about how birders like you will benefit from this innovative project, and how to get involved in supporting it, please read on…

As you may know, in 2013 a destructive storm surge tide hit Norfolk and Suffolk coastlines. At Snettisham it wreaked havoc – destroying shingle banks, flooding lagoons and almost overtopping the inner sea wall. It also destroyed two of the reserve’s most popular hides.
Working with specialist Norway-based birding architects, Biotope, the RSPB has drawn up plans for a new hide to replace those lost in 2013. This new hide is designed to be storm-proof and provide stunning views of the famous wader spectacles of The Wash – when tens of thousands of waders descend into the lagoons after being forced off the vast mudflats by the incoming tide.
The hide will hold up to 80 people and have dedicated areas for birders and photographers, as well as wheelchair access and catering for people of all ages and abilities who are drawn to Snettisham by its fantastic wildlife.
This will not be just any hide, and as a result will cost £140,000 to build. This is where we hope that lovers of Snettisham Nature Reserve and its wildlife will be able to help.
In order to raise the money needed to build the hide, on Monday 10 July the RSPB in Eastern England launched a crowdfunding appeal to encourage people to donate to the cost of the new hide.
Already the appeal has received the boost of a £20,000 grant from the Environmental Projects Agency, but that leaves £120,000 still needed to be raised to be able to build the new hide and inspire a new generation of nature lovers with the special wildlife of Snettisham and The Wash.

How you can help
These are a few things you can to do if you would like to help us realise this vision for Snettisham (and we hope you will!):

1. Donate to our appeal – if you’ve visited Snettisham and experienced the sound of ten thousand pink-footed geese flying overhead or seen the mesmerizing display of knot as they fly to escape from the incoming tide before going to roost in the reserve’s lagoons, we hope you will understand why we think this new hide will be so brilliant. You can donate to our appeal on our Crowdfunder page: or if you would prefer, you can email or phone 01845 545263 for other ways of making a donation.
2. Share the appeal with people you know – more than 25,000 people visit Snettisham each year. We hope that a large number of these people will want to give their support to help build this new hide that will make Snettisham’s wildlife accessible to so many more people. If you know people who you think would like to support our appeal, please share this email with them / tell them about the appeal.
3. Shout about it on social media! – We want to get the word out to birders and nature lovers everywhere. If you use Twitter and/or Facebook, you can help. Please use #SnettsHide to tag your tweets / Facebook posts.
• Tell people you have donated and ask them to do the same
• Sign up to support our Thunderclap: All you need is a Facebook or Twitter account – it’s dead easy!
4. Visit Snettisham this July for one of our summer wader spectacles! July sees the early return of the first knot and other wintering waders in the thousands and spring tides later this month will create a fantastic summer wader spectacle for anyone visiting the reserve. We have three special summer wader events taking place this July on Sunday 23 (pm – picnic with waders), Wednesday 26 (am – early morning wader walk) and Thursday 27 (am). For more details and to book your place on any of these events, visit email or phone 01485 210779

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