Team Swallowtail and the Champions of the Flyway Vulture Appeal

The following email was sent to one of our committee by Mike Dawson of Swallowtail Printers: This company has an association with our club as it prints our annual report, and we also felt that this was promoting an excellent cause that we were pleased to ask our club members to consider supporting. I will also post a display on our noticeboard at the next indoor meeting:-
Dear Lin. I hope you don’t mind me emailing you, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, so here goes. Last March I went out to Israel for the Champions of the Flyway bird race, to raise money for BirdLife projects in Serbia and Croatia. As Team Living with Birds, we managed to raise nearly £5500.00, which we felt was a good effort. The less said about our bird total the better.

This year’s project is to assist Nature Kenya, the Kenyan BirdLife partner in their attempts to stem the rapid decline in vulture species. They aim to set up a rapid response team to deal with poisoned carcasses left out for predators and also carry out education projects in the Mara area and Narok province. If you saw the BBC Dynasties programme about Lions, you will recognise the indiscriminate lethality poisoned carcasses pose. I am going out with Team Swallowtail, backed by Swallowtail Print in Norwich. I will be travelling with Guy Kirwan, Toby Carter and Gary Carter, and we would like to ask for your support in our fundraising. Please spread the word about Champions of the Flyway. All the details are at and our team details are included. If you can, please send our PDF leaflet to your members to encourage them to support us. I have attached a copy to this email. Please mention us in any electronic communication you have with your members between now and race day, the 26th of March. Follow us on Twitter @TmLivingWBirds and Facebook @TeamLivingwithBirds. Please use Twitter hashtag #COTF19 and #flywaychampions If you can consider making a contribution to conservation it would be fantastic. We are covering our own expenses, so all donations go to the cause. Our Just Giving pages is If you would like an indoor talk at some point about birding in Israel or Champions of the Flyway I will be happy to come along. On behalf of the others and myself, I hope you can help us in some way.

Mike Dawson T – 01603 868862 D – 01603 258310 M – 07887 750835


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