Proposed Development on the River Wesum : Reporter Ray Gribble

Proposal to handle 150,000 tonnes of Household Waste C/5/2017/5007

There is a proposal to convert 150,000 tonnes of household waste and 5,000 tonnes of hazardous waste into Refuse Derived Fuel at the old SPC Atlas Works, Lenwade
From an environmental stance the site is close to the R Wensum which we all know is a SSSI and SAC. The risks are from run off as waste will be stored in the open but the greatest risk, as I see it, is of fire then the resultant contamination from the water used to control it. Facilities of this nature are notorious for going up in flames and taking days to extinguish. The site really is not suitable for such an activity and it would appear that the applicant is not putting in any mitigating facilities. Also no environmental impact assessment has been carried out, as far as I’m aware.
Norwich extracts its drinking water from downstream and Bernard Matthews has a borehole nearby where water is extracted for turkey processing.
Unfortunately the site was designated for waste handling long before modern environmental standards had been established. I would like to think that in today’s climate of environmental concern a site this close to an SSSI & SAC would not be considered suitable for waste handling. There are other sites far more suitable.
How the resultant RDF will eventually be burned I have no idea but I trust it will go through a fully licensed incinerator.
There are issues of water contamination, pollution, noise, odours, vermin and additional HGV movements of the order of 200+ per day.

I encourage any of you who value the Wensum Valley to write to Norfolk County Council to object. This can be done by e-mailing or writing to:
Community and Environment Services Dept
Planning Services Floor 6
County Hall
Martineau Lane

Quoting ref C/5/2017/5007 in your response.

Alternatively go to the Norfolk County Council website which is: and enter the application number C/5/2017/5007
If you value the Wensum Valley please take the time to object as the more people who object to this proposal the more the council will have to take note before making a decision.

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