Norfolk Stonechats

Noel Elms has colour-ringed 31 Stonechats on Kelling Heath this year – 3 adults and 28 pulli * . He asks if anyone seeing one of these could e-mail him directly on noelelms1 at mypostoffice dot co dot uk and he will reply with details of the bird ASAP. All birds have a dark green ring above a metal one on the right leg. The birds have two colour rings on the left leg and these can be the same colour. The different colours he has used are green, pink, orange, pale blue, red, white and yellow.
As several Stonechat winter in the WVBS area if you do see any please look carefully for any rings and if possible note the colour combination and report them directly to Noel or via Ray Gribble. Ray would be interested in any sightings.
* Pulli is the term used by ringers for nestlings

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