Members Questionnaire 2014

Twenty-four members returned questionnaires and four members emailed comments rather than completing the questionnaire. We had hoped that the response would be greater, but make the assumption that generally members are well satisfied with the Society. We are very thankful to those who have indicated that they will be willing to volunteer and names have been passed to the appropriate committee member.

Bird ID Workshops
Only 6 members intimated that they would be interested in these so we will not be making arrangements for any this autumn. It may be that we will investigate the possibility again in the new year to ascertain interest.

WVBS e-group
Those who expressed an interest in joining this group will be contacted by Ray Gribble in the near future.

The newsletter received several favourable comments and will be left in its present form.

Speakers/Field Trips/Socials
The sub-committee is already at work organising the programme for 2015 and are taking into account comments and suggestions received. It is, of course, not possible to incorporate all these into a single year’s programme, but those not used will be held over for future years.

It was agreed by the committee that we should trial using social media, specifically Twitter, in an endeavour to attract a slightly more youthful membership. Details of our indoor meetings will therefore be publicised thus for a trial period.

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