House Sparrow & Starling Nestbox Project 12 Dec 2011

from  Alwyn Jackson

It is proposed to develop a Nestbox Project for House Sparrows and Starlings for Society members in 2012 the aim of which will be to increase the number of nesting sites available for these declining species in our area.

The Society will make appropriate nestboxes available at a nominal cost to cover the purchase of materials.

House Sparrows are sensitive to disturbance at the nest so boxes should be placed at least 2m above ground level on trees or buildings preferably where they will not suffer constant disturbance from human activity.  They may nest colonially so a terrace of boxes could be erected if it is appropriate.

Starlings prefer higher sites and so boxes should be placed at 2.5m or higher.  Because of their gregarious nature they will happily nest near to each other so several boxes may be placed close together – on adjacent trees or close together on buildings for instance.  A clear, direct flight path to the nest entrance is required.  They are sensitive to disturbance at the nest.

The Society would also like to monitor the success of the project by being informed if the box has been occupied and whether any young were fledged successfully. If possible a Nest Record Card could be submitted to the BTO but of course this would be optional but highly desirable.

We would like some indication of who would like to participate in this project and the number and type of box required.  To do this either:-

  • add your name and details to the Nestbox Project List which will be available at our Christmas Social
  • or contact Alwyn Jackson by email at or phone or letter

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