Honey Buzzard Survey in 2020 From an email sent by Dawn Balmer BTO

I’m writing to let you know about a national Honey Buzzard Survey that is planned for 2020 and 2021.
This survey is being coordinated by Rob Clements, Steve Roberts and Ken Shaw who have been
working on this species for many years, with support from the Rare Breeding Birds Panel. I have
agreed to coordinate across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.
We hope fieldwork can go ahead across much of England this year; current covid-19 guidelines for
England permit travel and fieldwork, though there are currently some restrictions in place for
accessing Forestry England owned land for surveys, so it is best to check with local landowners for
permission to access land. There may be limited fieldwork in other countries, but guidance might yet
change there.
Rob, Steve and Ken are keen to encourage local raptor workers to spend some time looking for
Honey Buzzards from vantage points overlooking suitable breeding habitat, mainly in July and
August. The RBBP website has further information about the survey (http://www.rbbp.org.uk/rbbpsurveys-HZ.htm). Any records of Honey Buzzards in suitable breeding habitat should be submitted
direct to the local/county bird recorder, and from there, a submission will be made to RBBP in due
course. I do not need to be made aware of any records.
Please can I ask if you would be willing to spread the word locally amongst interested raptor workers
in your group. There is no national publicity planned on social media, rather we’d like to engage keen
and skilled local birders. I appreciate this is a rare bird in Norfolk in the breeding season with much
suitable habitat across the county, but there is a chance it is under-recorded, so some fieldwork effort
later in the summer would be appreciated.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
With best wishes
Dawn Balmer
Dawn Balmer, Head of Surveys
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