Farmland Bird Surveys 2019

Ray Gribble has been forwarded this Email by Chrissie Kelley at Pensthorpe Nature Park: One of Chrissie’s colleagues, Eliza Emmett, has been tasked with conducting farmland bird surveys in the Wensum Valley area, and she would be grateful if some of our club members would be prepared to help her. These surveys are conducted on quite brief visits to each location, and should be well within the capabilities of all of our members. Please let’s try to help out with this – contact Eliza directly if you are able to help her:-
Dear Chrissie,
As discussed, I would love to connect with some birdwatching volunteers to help the landowners and I complete some farmland bird surveys carried out between February 8th -17th. We would be using the basic GWCT farmland bird sightings count sheet as seen in the link below.
As it stands, the idea is to attend a farm with the landowner present and use the experience of an expert and the local knowledge of the farmer to walk a route and sight as many farmland birds as we can. I shall of course be there to organise the meetings and take part in the walks and introduce both parties to each other.
I have a chosen 9 landowners that would be really keen to take part but I hope that if it’s a success (which I’m sure it will be) next year we can roll it out much further across the group. These would be
Robert Hambidge
Richard and John Savory (Gateley)
John Savory (Great Ryeburgh)
Adrian Howes’s new gamekeeper
Ant Boesen
Colin Palmer
Foxburrow farm’s gamekeeper
Coen Van Beuningen
Andrew Hill

However due to constraints on time and I of course appreciate every volunteer’s time is precious, we do not have to survey every landowners farm listed above. It will mostly depend on which landowners are free at the designated dates and how many volunteers are wishing to take part. But the potential dates currently stand as:
Friday 8th February

Monday 11th February only in PM
Tuesday 12th February
Wednesday 13th February
I look forward to speaking to anyone who is interested in taking part.
Kind regards,
Eliza Emmett, Upper Wensum Cluster Farm Advisor.
Tel: 01328 851465 (Ext. 698)
Mobile: 07920 792260

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