BTO House Martin Nest Monitoring Study 2016

Can you help?

The BTO is looking to discover more about House Martins to help identify why they are declining and provide scientific evidence to help inform policy decisions that could reverse the declines.  The 2016 nest study has different aims from the 2015 count survey and so is NOT restricted to “random” pre-selected survey squares.  Instead volunteers can select their own study site anywhere where House Martins are nesting.

 How can you help?

The BTO needs volunteers who are able to observe one or more nests regularly through the whole breeding season, i.e. from April to September, or exceptionally early October.  You do not need to be able to climb ladders to look inside the nests.  Your observations made from ground level (or from a window) will enable the enable the BTO to compare such factors as egg laying dates and breeding success at different sites across the UK.

 How often will you need to monitor?

Ideally, you need to be able to observe the nests for just a few minutes at least once a week to record any activity seen.  If you are able to observe the nest more frequently it will provide even more powerful information as the BTO will be able to make more accurate estimates of egg laying dates and the length of time before the young birds fledge.

To find out more about what the 2016 House Martin Nest Monitoring Study involves and to register your interest to participate go to the BTO website

Would you please contact Alwyn ( if you intend participating.

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