Bird Ringing – Whitwell Common

In total 86 new birds were ringed and 7 re trapped from previous years. A total of 93 different birds “processed” of 20 different species. Each bird when netted is “extracted”, put in a bag and taken back to the ringing base where it is – identified, a ring put on its leg, its wing length measured, weighed and any moult recorded before being released. All the data is fed into a computer then e-mailed to the British Trust for Ornithology, at Thetford, who administer the scheme for the UK.

Each ring is uniquely numbered with an address for the finder to contact with any finding details. The finder does not need to be able to identify the bird as we have already done it.

Perhaps the most interesting birds captured were Marsh Tit, Reed Bunting, and Reed Warbler which were originally ringed in July 2004. The Marsh Tit and Reed Bunting will fairly certainly not have traveled far from the Common in the intervening period but the Reed Warbler will have traveled to sub-Saharan Africa and back 3 times.

Other birds of interest caught were Jay & Kingfisher (after everyone but Jacky had gone home Sat evening!), Longtailed Tits 15, Bullfinch 4, Goldcrest ( a superb male), Chiffchaff 5, Willow Warbler 2, Blackcap 7, Whitethroat 7, Sedge Warbler 4 and Reed Warbler 3.

We intend to do a demo again next year so if you missed it this time there will be another chance then

Ray & Allan

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