An appeal for help with BTO Surveys.

We have just received this appeal for help with BTO Surveys from member Chris Hudson (BTO Regional Representative NE Norfolk). BREEDING BIRD SURVEY (BBS).

I am seeking volunteers to cover Squares for this Survey which starts in April.

TG 0818, TG 1620,TG 1643 and TG 2114 were all covered last year and are now vacant.

TG 0333 has been fully covered previously but, due to denial of access for part of the Square, only 5 sectors can now be surveyed TG 0434 and TG 0519 have not been done previously. Although it is ideal to cover all ten sectors on a BBS Square the Survey is valid if at least 4 are covered. I would like volunteers to investigate and see if a route can be established.

There are also three other Squares where last year’s volunteer has not yet confirmed if they will be available this year. There is a total of 37 Squares so you will see that I am struggling to get full coverage. I will greatly appreciate it if you can help. Even if you cannot help perhaps you know somebody who would be interested. HERONRIES.

All the known Heronries are being surveyed.

I would be glad to hear from you if you know of some areas where Herons nested until recently but have now abandoned the site (it may be that they have moved a short distance) or if you know of any Heronries and you’re not sure whether they are being surveyed.. ENGLISH FARM WOODLAND BIRD SURVEY (EFWS).

This new Survey entails 4 morning visits to a selected wood between 15 March and 15 July.Many will require no more than 30 minutes. The full details of this Survey are on the BTO Website ( If you are interested please register for the Survey. Once you have selected a site the Land Owner will be contacted. Because of Data Protection requirements the administration and allocations will be dealt with centrally. BIRDTRACK.

Even if you are not involved in any of the Surveys you can enter records and lists on Birdtrack. This data will be valuable helping to identify migration patterns, population trends and much else. MEMBERSHIP.

Income from our membership provides helps in all the important work done by the BTO. If you are not already a member please consider joining.

There is much more detailed information on the Website about all the BTO Surveys so I have kept detail to a minimum.

If you would like any clarification or to discuss anything, please contact me Best Wishes, Chris (Hudson) BTO Regional Representative, North East Norfolk. Tel:- 01603 868805

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